Lilliana Checo

The prompt for this project was to pick a piece of audio and animate its content. Choosing an excerpt from a podcast, I chose to animate it in a way that was illegible but that still followed the pacing of the audio. This is because there are many instances when a podcast becomes background noise yet there are certain words that keep you in track with the content. I drew inspiration from yellow pages books and collaged type for the energy I wanted the type to have. Additionally, there are six columns each with a different typeface as well as a central row where the emphasized words appear.

lilliana is a young graphic designer and illustrator born in new york and raised in dominican republic. now based in new york, she is pursuing her passion for graphic design and visual narrative.

lilliana is currently majoring in communication design and minoring in comics and graphic narrative at parsons school of design.

beyond academic projects, she is devotingly immersed in her communication design career with personal projects, particularly a 3-year-old ongoing written story.