Lilliana Checo

A Mark can be transferred from one to multitude of pages. Just as marks, history and traditions are carried through generations. My system was inspired by carbon copies' transfers onto the following sheet. There are two sections for each chapter: Lore and Trace. Lore are stories that present the history of a tradition. This content transfers in orange and upward. Trace are contemporary stories and images about the tradition corresponding the Lore section. This content transfers in purple and downward. For the final critique, I asked people to stain their fingers with graphite before flipping through the book as I too wanted their marks to be traced in the object.

lilliana is a young graphic designer and illustrator born in new york and raised in dominican republic. now based in new york, she is pursuing her passion for graphic design and visual narrative.

lilliana is currently majoring in communication design and minoring in comics and graphic narrative at parsons school of design.

beyond academic projects, she is devotingly immersed in her communication design career with personal projects, particularly a 3-year-old ongoing written story.