Lilliana Checo
color language

In this experimental project, I explore both universal and personal meanings of color. Picking up a colored gel pen, I start to draw objects of the given color. However, the sequence of elements start forming a narrative as they evoke feelings within me, oftentimes making the composition more abstract. Ultimately, the page is full of symbols on which I print the most convinient emotion to describe it in Blackletter type calligraphy. The final composition is then traced in Illustrator to be easily reproduced on print.

This is an ongoing project.
lilliana is a young graphic designer and illustrator born in new york and raised in dominican republic. now based in new york, she is pursuing her passion for graphic design and visual narrative.

lilliana is currently majoring in communication design and minoring in comics and graphic narrative at parsons school of design.

beyond academic projects, she is devotingly immersed in her communication design career with personal projects, particularly a 3-year-old ongoing written story.