Lilliana Checo
gradual chaos

As an exploration of CSS through digital poster design for my Creative Coding course, gradual chaos is a fictional event that shaped this poster site. In my brainstorming phase, I decided on three features to simulate chaos: overlayed and flipped type, and extensive y-axis overflow. The black bars flowing together refer to bar code which are purposefully design though disconcert the eye upclose. The first venue that came to mind was House of Yes in Brooklyn for their unconventional circus and cabaret events. The color scheme was inspired in club lighting, and in the context of this venue, the black bars may also be interpreted as ropes for a circus performance.

lilliana is a young graphic designer and illustrator born in new york and raised in dominican republic. now based in new york, she is pursuing her passion for graphic design and visual narrative.

lilliana is currently majoring in communication design and minoring in comics and graphic narrative at parsons school of design.

beyond academic projects, she is devotingly immersed in her communication design career with personal projects, particularly a 3-year-old ongoing written story.