Lilliana Checo
champions: triumphant yet broken

Champions: Triumphant yet Broken is a book that presents a mythological Greco-Roman iteration of four characters I have previously created: champion de lys, champion de venus, champion de mars, and champion d'elyses. The book presents these four champions and the gods they are related to, as well as tales of triumph and defeat of ancient champions. The ruling theme of this book is that our destiny is dictated by our nature and going with or against it might affect your first encounter with this palindrome book.

lilliana is a young graphic designer and illustrator born in new york and raised in dominican republic. now based in new york, she is pursuing her passion for graphic design and visual narrative.

lilliana is currently majoring in communication design and minoring in comics and graphic narrative at parsons school of design.

beyond academic projects, she is devotingly immersed in her communication design career with personal projects, particularly a 3-year-old ongoing written story.